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Update: this Greasemonkey script does not support Firefox 1.5. I have no plans to update it, because the Remove It Permanently Firefox extension can do effectively the same thing, only easier.

Linux Today Butler is a script for Greasemonkey, which is a very useful Firefox extension that allows you to run arbitrary javascripts on a per-site basis. One purpose for doing this is to remove content you don't like. Julien Couvreur wrote a script to remove the sidebars from BoingBoing, and that was wonderful. After surfing the list of scripts on the wiki for awhile, waiting for a Linux Today filter to show up, I just went ahead and grokked enough javascript to do it myself.

Here is a before and after shot, showing the effect of the script.

Script is here.

You'll need Firefox and the Greasemonkey extension to make use of it. Once you have them installed, just click the Linux Today Butler link, and when the script is showing, select Tools/Install User Scripts, No need to restart Firefox, just visit (or refresh) the Linux Today page.

- January 15, 2005: no longer supported: use Remove It Permanently instead
- March 30, 2005: tweaked for format changes
- March 25, 2005: initial release

This is licensed under the GNU General Public License (version 2). See