Pictures from my brother's wedding.
Cormac, my brother, and Teresa, his bride-to-be.
Cormac and Ceili, the dog.
Cormac and one of the groomsmen, Marty, at the wedding party party, a week before the wedding.
Jerome, another groomsman, also at the wedding party party.
Jeff, a boyfriend of one of the bridemaids, at the wedding party party.
Michelle, one of the bridemaids, enjoying a contemplative moment with her beer.
The bridal party: Debbie, Michelle, Gail, and Teresa.
Cormac looking dashing as he does some work in his basement.
Marty doing nothing.
My father and Bernie, a family friend, at a dinner at my parents' place.
My cousin Tanya, and Shona, and my aunt Joan.
A family dinner.
Rose, a family friend.
My cousin Shona and my other cousin Orla.
My brother Cormac.
My mother.
My father playing the button accordion.
Cormac playing the button accordion, with my cousin Celia and my father looking on.
Our dog, Misty, in her accustomed seat in the back porch.
A picture of my parents' kitchen window from the patio.
The patio at my parents' place.
A view from the back yard of my parents' house.
Another view from the back yard of my parents' house.
My cousin Celia and my aunt Joan.
My cousin Celia.
My cousins Orla and Tanya, getting ready to go out. Vain, vain, vain...
My cousin Shona, looking uncharacteristically well-behaved.
My other little cousin, Rachel, also looking uncharacteristically angelic.
Cormac and Teresa, taken while we were decorating the reception hall.
My cousin Francis, giving us a hand decorating.
Michelle, decorating the reception hall.
Gail, also decorating the reception hall.
The three bridesmaids, at the back of the church at the rehearsal.
Jerome and Dan, two groomsmen, being appropriately respectful in the church.
The two flower girls, Marty's daughters: Ashley and Sarah.
My little niece, Aquinnah, making a mess in the church.
My sister, Maeve, and her daughter Aquinnah. Aquinnah is the one on top.
My niece Aquinnah with my other niece Gillian.
My father and Gillian. This was just before the wedding ceremony, hence my father's tux.
Teresa and her mother, walking up the aisle.
Cormac and Teresa during the ceremony.
Cormac and Teresa during the ceremony, Debbie in the background.
Cormac and Teresa signing the marriage certificate, Debbie bent to her unceasing task of sorting out the bridal train.
The priest also signing the marriage certifate, with myself, Debbie, Cormac, and Teresa looking on.
My niece practicing her blasphemy.
Cormac, in the car after the ceremony.
Teresa, in the car after the ceremony, going to take the wedding pictures.
Debbie, bride-of-honor, looking glamorous and driving, at the same time.
Gail, making a silly face in the car.
Jerome, dashing as ever.
Michelle looking very disapproving, in the car during the wedding photos.
Dan, one of the groomsmen, looking very serious. It's a wedding, Dan, smile!
Marty, also looking very serious.
My mother, while the wedding pictures were being taken. The pictures were done in the Muttart Conservatory.
The bridal party: Gail, Michelle, Teresa, and Debbie.
The wedding women: Gail, Michelle, my mother, Teresa, Teresa's mother, and Debbie.
Show me the O face.
Marty once again unable to resist Cormac's charms.
My mother and Ashley chatting during the pictures.
Cormac making time with the bridesmaids.
Teresa relaxing into married life.
The bridesmaids once again.
Cormac and Teresa, outside the Muttart Conservatories.
Teresa, outside the Muttart Conservatories.
Sarah, Ashley, and their father, Marty.
The entire wedding party, with a rare smile on Dan's face.
My parents.
My uncle Terry and aunt Mary, during the reception.
My aunt Kathleen, great-aunt Lena, and uncle John.
My cousins Sian and Holly, dreading the moment I asked them to dance.
My cousin Tanya.
My cousin Orla.
My cousin Celia.
Maeve, my sister, bookended by two cousins, Orla and Tanya.
Cormac and Teresa during the first dance.
Teresa and my father dancing.
My mother and Cormac.
Teresa and Cormac waiting for the dancing to really start.
Aquinnah just before she and Maeve left the reception.
The bridal bouquet, the morning after.
These are Gail's son and daughter, during the gift opening the day after the wedding.
Gail's son and daughter again, mugging for the camera.
My cousin Brian with his wife Val, and two daughters, Sian and Holly. We were up at the top of mountain in the Rockies. This picture shortly preceded a snowball fight between Sian and Holly...
My great-aunt Lena, and my aunt Helen, and me, at the Irish Club.
My little cousin Shona, at the Irish club.
My uncle John and aunt Kathleen.
My mother entrancing my uncle Owen and aunt Joan.
My aunt Helen, me, and my brand new sister-in-law, Teresa.
My aunt Helen and Thomas.
Cormac with Rachel and Shona.
Rachel and me.
Shona and me.
A picture of the back yard at my parents' place.
The chicken coop at my parents' place.
This is a picture of a hay rake that we used to use.
The slough at the back of my parents' place.
This is a shot of the interior of an old truck, which the local squirrel population has been filling with pine cones. Bonanza!
An exterior shot of the same truck.
A quiet night at home: my great-aunt Lena, aunt Mary, and uncle Owen.
Same scene: my father and uncle Terry.
Same scene again: my mother.