MFF 2008 Zorro's Day: Background Note

This was my entry for the 48 hour challenge. The challenge phrases were: "It's very near", "drum necessary together contra", and "butt buzz-cut".

I make an effort to capture Zorro in at least one of my videos each year. Our pets aren't with us forever, and it is nice to have some type of record of their time on this Earth. This video captures a little of my guilt over having a cat, but not being able to spend a lot of time at home. I imagine that Zorro wonders what to do with his day, each morning as I leave him to go to work and my other activities. In my heart I hope he has a routine that he follows, and doesn't feel bored the same way that we do. Of course, he is a cat, so a great number of hours are spent sleeping, and I'm envious of that! He's a great cat, and I think he's happy.

This video came together over the span of about 8 hours. I used a Mac for this video, as I did for all the 2008 entries, assisted by Final Cut Pro, Gimp to convert the pictures to a comicy effect, and "Comic Life" to add the thought bubbles and captions. I actually put together a quick song together for the radio song covering the "together contra" portion of the requirements, but I didn't have time to post-process the audio to make it sounds acceptable. Dropping that, I elected to go with complete silence, and let the user follow the captions. I tried to time the pans to a reasonable reading rate. Given another 5-6 hours, I might have invented a voice for Zorro, but in retrospect, I like it better in silence.

Zorro's Day
Bob Finley, 2008 (48 hour challenge)
(also available for the ipod)
3 minutes, 500MB, MOV