MFF 2008 Ready For Prime Time: Background Note

For years, I've been meaning to do a video mimicking a television show opening. In decades past, television intros were an art form to themselves. As networks grew greedier through the 90s, someone got the idea to shorten intros, and then all but eliminate them, to sell more ads. I think something has been lost. There have been classic intros through the years that set you in the mood for the show. The second intro for Lost In Space was one such intro. Whereas their first season intro was extremely campy, their second season used a new theme that evoked a sense of adventure. Ironic, in that the first season was more serious sf (for it's time), which decended into camp as the show lost it's way.

There are a unique set of challenges which come from trying to immitate the style of an existing work, instead of just creating, and seeing what happens. It's a bit like Software Development... I mix of art and function, since you know what the finished product needs to look like. I faced a lot of different challenges in trying to make this intro look and feel much like the old intro for Lost In Space. Despite appearances, the wipes and mattes were a pile of work, as was trying to find a decent shot of each of the MFF regulars from stock MFF footage. I think I got to within 5% of where I wanted it to be. Given a bit more time, I would have applied a few filters to soften it to the look of 1960s television.

Ready For Prime Time
Bob Finley, 2008 (intro video)
(also available for the ipod)
1.5 minutes, 720x480, MOV