And lo, MFF 2008 is upon us, like a wet blanket over your granny's face
in the middle of the night, damp and smothering, cutting off her breath
like the clammy hand of death itself.


  Hmm, that went to kind of a funny place.  Next year I'm going back to the
usual "mad scientist and undead monster" theme for the opening paragraph
of the invite email.  Also, decaffeinated coffee.

  Disturbing images aside, MFF 2008 is indeed here, or at least the invite
is.  This year we have MFF 2008: Year of the Intro.  In the past we have
occasionally flouted the strict "one festival, one intro video"
regulation enforced by the Dinky Internet Film Festival Commission.
Indeed, in some years we have had as many as ... two intros.  Our shame
is now forever public knowledge.  But enough of this sort of half-assed
rule violation: this year our violations will be fully assed!  This year,
we will not simply allow multiple people to make an intro, we will
require it!

  Let's say that again: everyone who submits a main video has to also make
an MFF intro video.

  For what it's worth, this isn't much of a requirement: intro videos are
short, story-less, dialogue-less, and need only feature the letters MFF
and (ideally) the number 2008 in order to qualify.  Further, there's a
loophole in that you can make the video you submit be the intro, which
allows people to make an intro video and nothing else.  This makes the
requirement somewhat less stringent, but stringent has never been our
strong suit.

  However, kudos will be rained upon those who follow the spirit of the
rule by submitting both an intro and a main video, and doubly so for
those who choose to make an intro for each of their main video

  In other news, since the 48 hour challenge worked out reasonably well
last year, I think we'll try that again: I'll be announcing three random
phrases 48 hours before the MFF viewing that you'll have to incorporate
into a video.  Stress is life!

  Most everything else is the same as before: the MFF 2008 viewing will be
held in early December in my basement, immediately preceded by a nice
dinner, details of which will be announced around the end of October.
The more video entries we have, the less you'll notice how crappy my
basement is, and if that isn't incentive to make a video, I don't know
what is.  If you can read this, you're invited.

  The MFF 2008 video page is below, and is already hosting the MFF 2008
invite video.

MFF Organizer