"Whirl your whiskey round like blazes, by thundering Jesus, do you think
I'm dead?"

  But we're not!  No!  We're back!  6 years and counting!

  MFF 2007 is underway, and all the usual rules apply.  Which is to say,
"none".  Make a video, attend the showing, save the cheerleader, save the
world, deny the barren wasteland of your social life for up to 5 minutes at
a time.

  This year we'll be trying to divorce the MFF showing from the Christmas
party, in a sad attempt to give me twice as many social occasions to
attend.  I have a life, I do!  Also, to watch the videos, you'll have to
brave the horrors of my basement, rather than the pleasant confines of
Nancy's living room.  Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold...

  In a throwback to early MFFs and at Bob's suggestion, we're also going to
try a specific video category, the 48 hour challenge.  48 hours before the
MFF showing, a topic will be announced, and it will be your job to make a
video about it.  All the stress and work of an MFF video compressed into 48
hours, sweet!

  I've made a short invite video, available on the web page below, and there
will be a reminder in October to help motivate.  Get to it!  Details to
follow on the 48 hour challenge and showing time.

MFF Organizer