Munster Film Festival 2007:
"Immortality Awaits"

Not quite seventh-heaven, but we're getting there. The sixth season of the MFF is underway, enter soon, enter often. If you can read this, you're invited!

Munster Film Festival 2007 Invite
Denis McLaughlin, 2007
A short invite film on why you should work on MFF.

5 minutes, 640x480, 20MB, XviD AVI

Munster Film Festival 2007 Reminder
Chris Struthers, 2007
Chris' video reminder to remind you to make a video.

1 minute, 640x480, 7MB, WMV

Munster Film Festival 2007 Intro
Laura Taylor, Grant Totten, 2007
The MFF 2007: Immortality Awaits intro video.

30 seconds, 720x480, 10MB, XviD

Munster Film Festival 2007 Water Intro
Jim Watters, 2007
The MFF 2007: "Regeneration"

1 minute, 30 seconds, 720X480, 16MB, MPEG4

The Competitive Edge
Jean-Claude Batista, 2007
To compete in today's economy, you need ... The Competitive Edge.
Pre-approved for the MFF Audience Choice Award!

8 minutes, 320x200, 135MB, Quicktime

The Snowman
Denis McLaughlin, 2007
Children and snowmen and laughing and things of this nature.

1 minute, 30 seconds, 640x480, 14MB, XviD

The Ultimate Battle of Good vs Evil
Maureen Woods
The ultimate battle of good vs evil. A Michael Hopkinson Film.

1 minute, 30 seconds, 320x240, 2MB, WMV

Battle of the Bands
Denis McLaughlin, 2007
A tale of an old man and a piano.

6 minutes, 720x480, 43MB, XviD

Laura Taylor, Grant Totten, 2007

1 minute, 720x480, 19MB, XviD

Argumented Reality
Denis McLaughlin, 2007
Sometimes augmented reality is a little too real.
48 Hour Challenge

2 minutes, 42 seconds, 720x480, 32MB, XviD

After Dark
Bob Finley, 2007

4 minutes, 720x480, 54MB, XviD

Bob Finley, 2007
Beware, beware!
48 Hour Challenge

2 minutes, 720x480, 48MB, XviD

Rob Woods, 2007
No one hit wonders here!
48 Hour Challenge

5 minutes, 720x480, 98MB, XviD

A Chrismash Carol
Chris Struthers, 2007
A modern re-telling of a timeless classic.

3 minutes, 320x240, 12MB, WMV

Britain's Got Talent
Chris Struthers, 2007
A very special edition of Britain's Got Talent.

2 minutes, 30 seconds, 640x480, 22MB, DivX

Canadian Snow Angel
Brad Black, 2007
An in-depth investigation into the fabled Canadian snow angel.

2 minutes, 20 seconds, 640x480, 79MB, DivX