Shrugging off the chains of foolish mortality, the Munster Film Festival
staggers forth, its fetid limbs and corpulent waistline once again striking
fear into the hearts of lesser festivals!  Arise, arise my beauty!  Kill them!
Kill them all!



  Despite the untimely postponement of our namesake festival, the MFF is once
again on the move, and that means you better be moving too.  Running for its
fifth season, we're here and ready for ... well, anything really.

  Rules are the same as always: make a video, give it to me to put up on the
MFF web site, and in early December we'll all gather at Nancy and Chris'.
There we will watch the videos in a desperate ploy to collectively deny the
barren wasteland of our social lives for a few precious hours, before we 
return to our solitary existences to face the long lonely years that stretch
into the distance, empty and silent.  Also, we'll have some punch.

  I've made a short invite video, which you can see on the MFF 2006 website at
the URL below.  If *I* can get away with a crap video like that, imagine what
we'll accept from you!

  With our viewing in early December, that gives you 4-5 months, so get

MFF Organizer

ps. I've included some extra people on the receiver list for the invite,
but my laziness precludes me from doing that again.  If you want to play
along, you should subscribe to the MFF mailing list: send an email to containing the line 'subscribe mff'.