MFF 2006 Intro: Background Note

This idea was born of a 36 hour work session. Around 1:00am, Rogers Cable ( had a major internet outage in Ottawa. Since I felt I couldn't go back to bed since there were customers on the other end of the session, I started working through this idea. Overall, I was pleased that the affect achieved about 90% of the vision. I really liked referencing the past videos, since we are approaching a critical mass of MFF videos now. I also thought the group might enjoy quick flashes of what they had done previously.

There were a few permutations of this concept. They all had the idea of representing each of the previous videos we'd done, leading to the present. I spent hours actually forming the letters MFF on the screen, but I wasn't pleased with the final product... there simply weren't enough videos from the past to form enough "pixels" to make the video look good. And I absolutely did not want to use a video twice. Unfortunately, I couldn't use every video even once... some of them (maybe 5) resisted transcoding to a format I could use. I also tried to start the clips at a point that best represented the video.

Things to pay attention to:

MFF 2006 Intro
Bob Finley, 2006

45 seconds, 720x480, 9M, XviD