Munster Film Festival 2006:
"Hoofin' A Sweet One For Jesus"

The video excellence continues! Returning to the traditional Christmas showing, the Munster Film Festival battles its way to its fifth season. If you can read this, then you're invited. Enter soon, enter often.

Munster Film Festival 2006 Invite
Denis McLaughlin, 2006
A short invite film on the dangers of gardening.

1.5 minutes, 640x480, 10MB, XviD AVI

Munster Film Festival 2006 Reminder
Jim Watters, 2006
A video made just to remind you to make a video. Bonus appearance by the fish!

2 minutes, 640x424, 7MB, WMV

MFF 2006 Intro
Bob Finley, 2006
Bob's intro video, along with a background note.

45 seconds, 720x480, 9M, XviD

MFF Intro (redux)
Brad Black, 2006

2 minutes, 19 seconds, 704x480, 60M, XviD

He's Nuts
Maureen Woods, 2006

2 minutes 40 seconds, 352x270, 37MB, MPG

Calgary: It's Not Perfect
Neal Sanche, Bonnie Sanche, 2006

3 minutes 45 seconds, 720x480, 38MB, XviD

Fire Eagle 2
Laura Taylor, Grant Totten, 2006

58 seconds, 720x480, 10MB, DivX

MFF's WPT (Watters Poker Tournament)
Jim Watters, 2006
Postponed until 2008.

5 minutes, 2048x1024, tbd

Geek Poker Tour Invitational
Denis McLaughlin, 2006

50 minutes, 640x480, 400M, XviD

Lot 42: The Unknown Chest
Laura Taylor, Grant Totten, 2006

1 minute, 20 seconds, 720x480, 14M, DivX

Bodhran Training
Chris Struthers, 2006

8 minute, 11 seconds, 640x480, 58M, WMV

Mike Alexander, 2006

3 minutes, 54 seconds, 720x480, 54MB, MPEG

Bob Finley, 2006

3 minutes, 13 seconds, 720x480, 83M, XviD