From Denis McLaughlin
Subject: Munster Film Festival 2005: "Brenda, Ye Bastard"
Date: Sunday, June 12, 2005

  Fourth Annual Munster Film Festival 2005
  "Brenda, Ye Bastard" Edition

  For this fourth unholy incarnation of the Munster Film Festival, we're
making a small change.  Not content with consuming all available free time
in the highly coveted pre-Christmas season, the organizers of the Munster
Film Festival have decided to hold this year's contest even earlier, the
better to absorb any idle moments you may have while sitting around the pool
and irradiating yourself with a giant fusion reactor in space.

  Accordingly, preparation of entries for this year's Munster Film Festival
should begin now, and the showing will be in early September.

    who: everyone
   what: a showing of short videos
  where: NCD (ie. 960 Sheridan Avenue, Ottawa, Canada)
   when: evening of Saturday, September 10th

  As always, the MFF entries come from YOU, so unless you get off your ass
and do something, festival night will bring us nothing but a long evening of
stilted conversations and awkward silences while we sit around eyeing each
other uncomfortably and stealing glances at our watches and wondering when
we can leave without seeming rude and honestly I don't know how much more
of that I can take so for the love of god DO SOMETHING!

  Slightly more seriously, the entries can be anything from anyone, and all
entrants get a free invite to the presentation party (note: see the stilted
conversation comment above).  Anything that will amuse us is happily accepted,
and believe me, that's a pretty low barrier to entry.

  As in previous years, I was going to come up with some suggested categories,
but it's not like anyone has ever paid attention to those suggestions before,
so what's my motivation?

  To help show you all up for the lazy layabouts you are, Nancy and Chris
have ALREADY scripted, produced, shot, chopped, and scored this year's
introductory video:

  More details on the MFF as well as entries from the previous years can be
found here:

pop the lens cap and tell a story

ps. If you're reading this on the web and don't know me from a hole in the
ground, but want to enter anyway, we'd be very happy to have you: drop me
a line and we'll chat: