Munster Film Festival 2005:
"Brenda, Ye Bastard"

Switching to a summer schedule, the Munster Film Festival continues for a fourth season. Festival presentation isn't until September 2005, and if you can read this, then you're invited. Enter soon, enter often!

Due to time constraints, the 2005 MFF film showing has been postponed to November 12, 2005. All videos below will be available for download then.

And with further rescheduling, it's been pushed back to November 26. But this time it'll happen for sure.

Munster Film Festival 2005 Intro
Nancy Barnes, Chris Struthers, 2005
A short intro film, highlighting the importance of a close relationship and, more importantly, plausible deniability.

50 seconds, 720x480, 11MB, XviD AVI

Wild Kingdom
Neal Sanche, 2005

4 minutes, 720x480, 30MB, XviD AVI

Riding the Bus
Denis McLaughlin, 2005

2 minutes, 512x384, 15MB, XviD AVI

Crop Circles
Denis McLaughlin, 2005

3 minutes, 512x384, 20MB, XviD AVI

Not Much Fun
Mary, Aedan and Neal Sanche, 2005

46 seconds, 720x480, 12MB, XviD AVI

Ginger: The Untold Story
Chris Struthers, 2005

70 seconds, 640x480, 16MB, WMV

WPT Munster Open
Grant Totten, Laura Taylor, 2005

13 minutes, 720x480, 150MB, DivX AVI

Tell Laura I Love Her
Brad Black, 2005

3 minutes, 720x480, 53MB, DivX AVI

In The Shower
Jean-Claude Batista, 2005

2 minutes, 352x240, 22MB, MPEG

Bob Finley, 2005

3 minutes, 720x480, 55MB, DivX AVI

24: Jack is Back
Chris Struthers, 2005

4 minutes, 640x480, 60MB, WMV

Brad Black, 2005

1 minute, 720x480, 15MB, DivX AVI