From Denis McLaughlin
Subject: Bride of the Return of the Munster Film Festival
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 15:47:17 -0400

  So you're looking to spend your hard-earned free time over the next
month and a half crafting an amusing trinket for the pleasure of friends
and strangers?  How convenient, because the Munster Film Festival is up
and shambling about in a mockery of life, coming to a living room and/or
web site near you.

  The rules are just like last year: make a video to amuse us, your
cruel and highly judgmental peers.  We'll gather all the videos, stamp
them with the coveted MFF 2004 Seal of Approval, and show them to all
your future friends, life partners, and employers.  No pressure!

  For those in Ottawa, the first showing will be at the BCD Christmas
party, which will be held ... in the month of December.  Sometime.  Mark
your calendars!

  If you're not in Ottawa because you moved to the prosperous West in
order to escape our cloying and rather needy little social group, well,
you're on your own as far as viewing goes.  You should still make a
video though.

  Participation is, of course, open to anyone including random strangers
reading this on the web, so feel free to join in.  All entrants get a
free Christmas party invite...

  What: Munster Film Festival 2004
  When: Ready by December 7th, 2004

  For those uncomfortable playing in an unstructured environment, here
are some categories.  However, the Freestyle category is always open...

The 10 Second Masterpiece
  Just like last year: 300 frames to introduce your characters, set up
the conflict, and resolve the tension.  Easy!

The Reality TV Trailer
  Hey, the big boys don't script their reality TV shows, so why should
you?  Give us a quick teaser of the reality show that's running inside
your head.  No nudity.

The Reshoot
  Does writing scripts make you go all googly?  Well, just take a
well-known scene from another movie and reshoot it with friends, family,
and co-workers.

  As always, it doesn't have to be good, it only has to be amusing, and
we're pretty easily amused.  Like the man says, remove the lens cap and
tell a story.

Denis, Brad
MFF Organizers