Munster Film Festival 2004:
"Bride of the Return of the MFF"

The MFF continues its annual showing at our Christmas party, with an excellent collection of videos.

Munster Film Festival 2004 Intro
Brad Black, 2004
A short intro film, stressing the importance of a good vocabulary.

175 seconds, 720x480, 40MB, XviD AVI

Da Clones
Neal Sanche, 2004
An amusing short film, perfect for the over-worked.

40 seconds, 720x480, 11MB, XviD AVI

The Guide To The Gang
Denis McLaughlin, 2004
A short summary of people Denis knows.

228 seconds, 720x480, 25MB, XviD AVI

Jim Watters, 2004
Jim's first entry in the Munster Film Festival, and it's a good one. You can see some details regarding his work on this here:

103 seconds, 720x480, 18MB, WMV AVI

Twilight Of The Dead
group, 2004
An excellent group entry, with Ron Serna editing and Neal Sanche providing the soundtrack, along with some fine ensemble acting.

259 seconds, 352x240, 26MB, DivX AVI

Neal Sanche, 2004
A day in the life of a Calgarian. Caution: some partial nudity...

464 seconds, 720x480, 100MB, XviD AVI