From Denis McLaughlin
Subject: Return of the Munster Film Festival
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2003 18:28:45 +0000

  Despite widespread protests from last year's attendees, the organizers
of the Munster Film Festival have elected to turn it into an honest-to-gosh
yearly event by scheduling ...

  The Return of the Munster Film Festival

    who: everyone
   what: a showing of short videos
 where: Chez BCD
  when: during the Christmas party, sometime in the first two weeks of December

  For those who weren't with us last year, the MFF is a chance to slap
together something video-oriented in order to amuse us all.  Examples of
previous films (not all necessarily from last year's MFF) can be seen here:


  As you can see, directing, acting, and editing skills are of little
regard in this group, so feel free to participate regardless of your
previous experience.

  All you need to get involved is a camera, a video editor, and a story.
If you need a camera or video editor, something can be arranged, and the
story is mostly optional anyway.  Video format is flexible: anything
playable on a computer will be just fine, or, if you're feeling ambitious,
VCDs/SVCDs/DVDs will be fine too.

  The more people that make videos, the more fun the screenings will be,
so don't worry about length or quality: pretty much anything will be better
than sitting around and having a conversation at the Christmas party.  With
hopes of enticing participation beyond the usual suspects, we've proposed
several video categories to assist in channelling your creative expression.

The 10 Second Category
  Does the prospect of back-story, dialogue, and denouement make your bowels
go all watery, or was it last night's clam chowder?  Either way, this
category may be for you: your job is to squeeze the introduction, scene
setting, character development, conflict, climax, and resolution into 10
quick seconds of video footage and (optional) soundtrack.  This allows you
full latitude to blame your crappy direction and crappier acting on whoever
came up with this stupid 10 second format: what could be sweeter?

  Possible topic suggestions:
   - a 10 second synopsis of the latest Harry Potter enacted by small
     incoherent children
   - a 10 second love story involving Grant and a beer
   - a 10 second spot mocking Denis' lack of dating success

The Isaiah 49:26 Category
  Uninspired by the prospect of futzing with cameras, lighting and Premiere?
This category lets you skip all of that: merely re-dub an existing video in
an amusing fashion and relax your way to fame and glory.  This requires
only a microphone, so it's good for the hardware-poor.

  Possible topic suggestions:
   - a re-dub of a previous MFF film
   - a re-dub of a segment of the recent provincial debate
   - a re-dub of any of Denis' films mocking his lack of dating success

The Open Category
  No rules, no length, no format, there's just you, a story, and a tightrope.

  Possible topic suggestions:
    - a video mocking Denis' lack of dating success

MFF Organizers
Brad, Denis