Munster Film Festival 2003:
"Return of the MFF"

2003 was the year in which the MFF became an annual event, and it was the first year that had actual film categories. It also had the biggest turnout, in terms of the number of films.

Munster Film Festival 2004 Intro
Neal Sanche, 2003
A short intro film, with celebrity voice.

31 seconds, 480x480, 8MB, MPEG2

Munster Film Festival 2004 Intro Redux
Brad Black, 2003
Another short intro film.

11 seconds, 320x240, 4MB, cvid AVI

Charlie Brown's Christmas Sting
Rob Wood, 2003
An ingenious rejiggering of a classic Peanuts cartoon and a modern song.

250 seconds, 352x240, 60MB, MPEG

The Impalement
Neal Sanche, 2003
A harrowing tale of a day at the lake gone wrong.

735 seconds, 352x240, 59MB, MPEG4

Denis McLaughlin, 2003
Commercial for the Canadian Rural Internet Association.

75 seconds, 320x240, 3MB, XviD AVI

Mastercard Commercial
Denis McLaughlin, 2003
A spoof a previous MFF entry.

77 seconds, 320x240, 11MB, XviD AVI

Denis McLaughlin, 2003
A spoof of this TV show.

158 seconds, 320x240, 16MB, XviD AVI