From: McLaughlin, Denis [CAR:1N93:EXCH] 
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2001 11:51 AM
Subject: Geekfest Aftermath: The Video Competition

Hi all,
  As you may be aware, there was a certain amount of video and picture taking
at this past weekend's geekfest.  This email is the proposal for a video
editing competition.  The rules are:
 - the video can use any source of footage, although it would be nice for
   it to use at least some fest video
 - the video can follow any theme: music video, a video collage, a geekfest
   documentary, a story, whatever
 - the video can be any length
 - the video can be made using any tools or any OS
 - the video can be encoded in any form, although it would be nice for the
   form to be reasonably OS-independent
  As you can see, there are essentially no rules at all.
  My understanding is that the following people have expressed interest
in participating:
 - Neal
 - Laura
 - Brad
 - Denis
  Everyone else is very welcome to join in, the more the merrier.
  We've got about 2.5 hours of video.  It can be made available in a number
of formats, although with some the sizes are unwieldy:
 - about 10 DV video files, totalling ~30GB of data
 - about 10 DivX encoded video files, totalling < 600M
 - the raw digital tapes, for those with the means to capture them
  The most convenient would be for me to burn a CD with the DivX encoded
videos on them, although I'm sure Brad would like to make a comment about
sock puppets right about here.  Alternately, you could download them from
my system, which would take about 2 or 3 days.  Alternately, you could
download them from Neal's system, which would probably take much less than
a day, if you can download at 300MB/s.
  I'd like to set a deadline of Christmas for this: maybe we could have a
Christmas party at some consenting participant's house which would also
involve viewing and judging the submissions.
  I've called this a competition, but I don't want to scare folks off:
everything will be a lot more fun if we have lots of entries, so if you're
at all interested in putting something together, please do!  :)