Geekfest Videos: 2001

Technically, the first year of the MFF was in 2002. However, in 2001 we held a Geekfest Video Festival, which was the spiritual predecessor of the MFF. So I include it here too.

We occasionally hold geekfests, which is a LAN party by another name. Combine that with our copious spare time, an interest in making videos, and a digital video camera, and this is the result.

Geek Wars
Brad Black, 2001
A short video introducing the Geekfest videos.

156 seconds, 320x240, 13MB, DivX AVI

Brad Black, 2001
Geekfest footage set to the tune of "I'm a Believer", as performed by Smashmouth.

150 seconds, 320x240, 18MB, DivX AVI

Leslie McMillen, 2001
Geekfest footage set to the tune of "Galaxy Song", as performed by Clint Black.

178 seconds, 320x240, 21MB, DivX AVI

I Know What You Geeks Did Last Summer
Robert Finley, 2001
A spoof movie trailer from the Geekfest footage.

188 seconds, 320x240, 16MB, DivX AVI

Geekfest Training Corps
Neal Sanche, 2001
A Geekfest training video.

350 seconds, 320x240, 42MB, DivX AVI

Watching TV
Denis McLaughlin, 2001
A video of someone watching a tv show about someone presenting the Geekfest footage.

551 seconds, 320x240, 48MB, DivX AVI